Photography Pontus Charleville
NEW YORK 1995-1999

The relations between people in public spaces seem to be different in New York
than what I am used to. The personal private space in New York seems to be
smaller due to the fact that people have to get much closer to each other.

Despite this, or maybe because of this, I suppose that mentally, people in New York
are further apart from each other. This paradox has caught my interest and my aim
has been to capture those moments when people live in a bubble, inside
themselves, unaware of the fact that they participate in a much bigger
and complex scenery than the one of their own minds.
I see these moments as reflections of my own mind.

Project info

This longtime projectet has resulted in three diffrent bodies of work. Two of them are presented on this site and the thired can be seen at the internet community

The first body of work is still imagies in black and white from the streets and clubs of New York City.

The second and thired bodies of work are still-image based films with authentic sounds from New York. They recuier that you have the flash plugin installed on your computer.

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